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Welcome to Women and Theology, part of WGSSLinks, developed and maintained by the
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This page provides a selective, annotated list of links to Internet resources related to
women in religion, feminist theology, and the feminine divine.

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General Sites on Women and Religion

Bibliography on Women and Religion
An extensive bibliography of books on women and religions compiled by Susan C. Lau.

Diotima: Materials for the Study of Women and Gender in the Ancient World
An extensive collection of resources on gender in the ancient Mediterranean, including bibliographies, and links to texts, articles, and images on the Web.

EVE Online
Ecofeminist Visions Emerging is a site devoted to promoting many ecofeminist perspectives. Includes a bibliography and links to related Internet resources.

Faith Trust Institute
Formerly the Center for Prevention of Sexual and Domestic Violence, this international, multifaith organization offers services and resources toward addressing abuse.

Feminism and Religion
Part of the Feminist Theory Website, these pages contain mostly bibliographies of recent books on women and feminism in many traditions, plus a few links to other Internet sites.

Institute for Feminism and Religion
An organization in Ireland which supports networking and events related to feminist religion.

Lilith Institute
An online "center for the study of sacred text, myth, and ritual." Provides news on events, links, and a bibliography on matters related to women's spirituality in many traditions.

Religious Tolerance
Collection of short essays on issues of tolerance, by the Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance. See the "Hot Topics" section down the left side of the page for articles on women' rights, gender, sexuality, etc.

Roots of Sexism in Religion
A discussion of the roots of sexism in monotheistic religions, by Anne Shaw.

Voices of the Floodtide
This site is dedicated to ecofeminist and feminist spirituality "visions for the renewal of life." Features excerpts from works on spiritual ecology, ecofeminism, and feminist spirituality from many traditions and perspectives. (Scroll down on the site to see title and content.)

Women-related Religion/Spirituality Lists
An annotated list of email discussion lists relating to women and religion or spirituality, maintained by Joan Korenman of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Women's Studies Core Books: Religion
A core bibliography of recent books in the study of women and religion, compiled for the ACRL Women's Studies Section. Go to "Guided search: Religion" to browse religion-related titles.

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Women and Buddhism

Sakyadhita International
Site for Sakyadhita, the International Association for Buddhist Women. Includes an excellent bibliography on women and Buddhism, as well as information on events and links to newsletters and articles.

Essays, links, and other information about feminism and Buddhism by Catherine Holmes Clark. Includes Clark's excellent annotated Bibliography in Buddhism for Feminists.
Theravada Buddhist Writings by Women
A collection of online writings by Buddhist women. Short biographical sketches available for some writers.
Women Active in Buddhism
Provides short biographies of female Buddhist leaders, as well as articles on Buddhism, bibliographies, and links to related sites.

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Women and Judaism

Annotated Bibliography and Guide to Archival Resources on the History of Jewish Women in America
This extensive bibliography of books and articles on Jewish women in America, compiled by Phyllis Holman Weisbard of the University of Wisconsin, is a slightly modified version of that which has appeared in Jewish Women in America: an Historical Encyclopedia, published by Routledge in 1997.

Bat Kol: a Feminist House of Study
Site for a Jewish feminist house of study, with information about programs and links to other sites.

Bet Debora
Site for the European Conference of Women Rabbis. Includes speeches, photos, and links to many related sites on Jews and Judaism in Europe.

Bridges: a Journal for Jewish Feminists and Our Friends
The home page for this magazine for Jewish feminists features sample articles, tables of contents, and related links.

General Reading List: Women and Judaism
A bibliography of books on women and Judaism, compiled for the readers of soc.culture.jewish.

The Women's Zionist Organization of America, a volunteer organization supporting Jewish community.

Hadassah-Brandeis Institute
Formerly the Hadassah International Research Institute on Jewish Women, it supports research and networks of scholars and communities related to Jewish women and gender issues. The site provides information about conferences, publications, research awards, and more.

Hulda: Feminist Theology
A guide to Internet sites relating to Christian and Jewish feminist theology. Includes links to conferences and events. Maintained by Rebecca Unsoeld.
Jewish Feminist Resources
Resources for the daily religious life of Jewish feminists, such as liturgies, Torah thoughts, Internet resources, recipes, sermons. Many opportunities for visitors to the site to contribute!

Jewish Women International
JWI is an advocacy organization focusing on domestic violence and the emotional well-being of children. The site includes news, information about JWI programs, and other relevant links.

Jewish Women's Archive
This site of the JWA features online exhibits and archives of Jewish women's lives and history.

A collection of Internet sites about the legendary first wife of Adam.

Lilith: the Independent Jewish Women's Magazine
Web site for the magazine Lilith, with selections from recent articles and reviews.

Web site for the Sadie Rennert Women’s Institute for Torah Studies in Israel. Provides access to the newsletter, articles, information on programs, and links to related sites.

Maven: Women & Feminism
The annotated "women and feminism" section of Maven, an extensive guide to Internet resources relating to Jews and Israel.

Women in Judaism: A Multidisciplinary Journal
A scholarly, refereed journal, published exclusively on the Internet, which intends "to be a forum for scholarly debate on gender-related issues in Judaism."

Women's Yeshivot
The World Zionist Organization's guide to yeshivas for women.

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Women and Christianity

And Adam Knew Eve: a Dictionary of Sex in the Bible
An "electronic edition" of the dictionary by Ronald L. Ecker, published in print by Hodge and Braddock. The articles include hypertext cross-references and citations to Biblical passages. There are also links to works of fine art on the web, and a bibliography of scholarly resources.

Black American Feminism: Womanist Theology and God-Talk
The theology portion of a wonderful bibliography compiled by Sherri Barnes.

Brethren Mennonite Council for Lesbian and Gay Concerns
Organization for supporting lesbian and gay persons in the Mennonite church and the Church of the Brethren.
Catholic Network for Women's Equality
A primarily Canadian organization working toward the full inclusion of women in all aspects of the Catholic church. Site features news, articles, information on events, etc.

Christian + Feminist
A site "dedicated to the proposition that faith and feminism are not mutually exclusive." A collection of links to online articles relating to women in Christianity. Compiled by Elizabeth T. Knuth, Alcuin Library, St. John's University.

Christian Resource Index: Women
A collection of links to web resources supportive of evangelical Christian women.

Articles, support, chatrooms, and links to related sites for Christian lesbians.

Christians for Biblical Equality
Home page for this evangelical "organization of Christians who believe that the Bible, properly interpreted, teaches the fundamental equality of men and women." Provides links to articles, events, and information on CBE.
CLOUT: Christian Lesbians OUT
An organization for networking and support of Christian lesbians.

Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
CBMW is a conservative Christian organization that promotes "complementarianism," a response to other Christian feminist theologies. The site provides links to their newsletter, articles, and other Internet resources.

Dignity Canada Dignite
Dignity USA
Dignity is an organization for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered Catholics.

Ecumenical Women 2000+
A coalition of women from Christian demoninational and ecumenical organizations, in dialogue with the United Nations on global women's issues.

European Society of Women in Theological Research
Directory, annoucements, etc., for this network for theological researchers.
Evangelical and Ecumenical Women's Caucus
An international organization of members believing that the Bible supports equality of the sexes. The site offers news, and information on events and relevant web resources.

Feminisms: New Testament Divinity Library
An introduction and bibliography to feminist and womanist criticisms of the Bible. From the Vanderbilt New Testament bibliography.

Hulda: Feminist Theology
A guide to Internet sites relating to Christian and Jewish feminist theology. Includes links to conferences and events. Maintained by Rebecca Unsoeld.

Kvinnor i Svenska Kyrkan / Church of Sweden Women
An organization of Swedish women networking within and without Sweden around issues of social justice and women in the church.

Lectio Difficilior
The European Electronic Journal for Feminist Exegesis.

The Mary Page
A searchable site of information about Mary, the mother of Jesus, maintained by The Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute at the University of Dayton in Ohio.

Mount Saint Agnes Theological Center for Women
The site for this Center provides information on programming and events, but also includes links to online articles and news.

A German magazine of feminist theology and spirituality.

Web site for Swiss women theologians.

Today's Christian Woman
Selected articles from the current and past issues of the magazine.

United Methodist Women
A collection of sites for various women's organizations in the United Methodist Church.

The Women's Alliance for Theology, Ethics, and Ritual is a justice-oriented organization and feminist spirituality education center. The site contains information about WATER's programs, members, and newsletter. Focus appears to be primarily Christian feminist spirituality.
Weave of Faith: a Christian Feminist Community
Homepage for a "women-church for everyone" in Oakland, California.
An online magazine for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered Christians.

The Woman's Bible
The full-text of the historic commentary written by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and others. Hosted by the Internet Sacred Text Archive.

Women and Justice: Religious Sites
A collection of links to articles, documents, and sites relating to women and the church, and feminist theology.
Women-Church Convergence
A coalition of Catholic-rooted organizations commited to feminist principles and women's participation in the church.

Women in Ancient Christianity
This article by Karen King is part of the PBS Frontline television series and web site, "From Jesus to Christ: the first Christians." The article, on the role of women in the first years of Christianity, includes links to the full-text of some non-canonical early Christian texts.

Women of the ELCA
Site for the women's organization of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.

Women in the Middle Ages: Women and/in Religion
A guide to web resources for the study of religious women in the middle ages.

Women Priests
Makes the case for ordaining women as priests in the Catholic Church. Presents historical documents, current scholarly articles, and arguments in favor of ordination.

Women's Ministries (Episcopal Women's Center)
Site for ECUSA and Anglican women, including links to articles, a calendar of events, and information on organizations for Episcopal women.

Women's Ordination
Part of the San Francisco Bay Catholic site, this page attempts to provide information from both sides of the issue.

Women's Ordination Conference
U.S.-based organization that works for the ordination of women in the Catholic Church.

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Women and Islam

Muslim Women's Homepage
An extensive collection of links to sites and articles on Muslim women, maintained by Huma Ahmad.

Muslim Women's League
Homepage for the Muslim Women's League, an American non-profit organization. Includes links to events, the MWL's position papers, and a bibliography.

Queer Muslims Home Page
A page for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered Muslims and their allies.

Women in Islam
A collection of online articles on the position of women in Islam, hosted by the Muslim Students Association of the University of Southern California.

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Women and other religious traditions

Bibliography: Goddess, Feminist, & Womanist Spirituality
A bibliography of books (including some novels) and videos, primarily on Goddess spirituality.

Blue Roebuck
Information and reflections on goddesses from many traditions, and sacred trees, by Dianic priestess Bendis. See the site map.
Site for the Covenant of the Goddess, an international organization of cooperating Wiccan practitioners. Includes information on Wicca, and links to bibliographies and other neo-pagan groups.

Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans
Home page for the organization of UU pagans.
Global Goddess
Online community and newsletter for women interested in Goddess spirituality.
Goddess Gift
Information on goddess, archetypes and personality, book references, and gifts and texts for purchase.

Marija Gimbutas
A website about the controversial archeaologist Gimbutas, who was influential in Goddess spirituality movements, by Starhawk and Donna Read via Bellili Productions.

An E-zine for those interested in Goddess religion, feminist spirituality, and related topics.
Reclaiming is a tradition of witchcraft, an organization, and a collective of people connecting spirituality and political action. Its home page provides a schedule of public rituals and workshops, a bulletin board, and other information.
A site and an organization, founded by Dianne Jenett and Judy Grahn, to support research and projects about the "sacred feminine."

Starhawk's Home Page
Starhawk is an author, leader, and activist in the Reclaiming tradition of witchcraft.

The Witch's Voice
This is an educational network about Witchcraft. The site provides news, information, articles, and links to other neo-pagan sites.

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