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FGC Comprehensive Bibliography
Compiled by the Female Genital Cutting Education and Networking Project, it lists books, articles, and reports on the topic.

Women's Human Rights Resources From DIANA: the International Human Rights Database.
It contains unannotated articles, books, and reports on general and country specific women's rights, as well as cites on issues such as prostitution, refugees, health, sexual orientation, domestic violence.

Women Immigrants 1945 to the Present: A Bibliography 
Compiled by Eleanore O. Hofstetter, this unannotated bibliography is an update and supplement to Women in Global Migration, 1945-2000: A Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Bibliography. Topics discussed include demographic information on women immigrants, personal narratives, educational resources, and sociological resources. 

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Electronic Discussion Forums

Women-Related International Email Lists
A comprehensive list of email lists about women's issues with a focus outside the United States and Canada. This list is compiled and updated frequently by Joan Korenman, who established the well-known electronic forum on women's studies, WMST-L. 

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Newsletters and Journals

Advancing Women in Leadership 
A refereed journal from Texas concentrating on "topics of interest 
to international women leaders representing diverse professions." 

Agenda Journal 
The site for this publication from South Africa includes tables of contents for current and back issues, excerpts, and a searchable index. 

Feminist Africa
This forum for feminist intellectual dialogue and gender research on the African continent is a publication of the African Gender Institute. It is currently hosted by the University of Cape Town.

A "cyberfeminist zine"  (now blog) from Australia. It contains art, fiction, and articles on international women's issues. 

Gender Forum
E-journal with an international editorial board dedicated to discussion of women's and gender studies issues.

IIAV International News
Newsletter producted by the International Information Centre and Archives for the Women's Movement in Netherlands; provides stories relating to the advancement of women around the world.  In English, French, and Spanish.

International Alliance of Women Newsletter
Reports on organization and UN activities to further equal rights for women as well as news reports from around the world. 

JENdA: a Journal of Culture and African Women's Studies
Published by Africa Resource Center, Inc., Jenda is a peer reviewed ejournal promoting the research of African women.

Journal of International Women's Studies 
A multidisciplinary, cross-cultural journal for scholars, activists and students. 

Journal of South Asia Women Studies 
An interdisciplinary scholarly e-journal dedicated to South Asian women's issues. Published by the Asiatica Association. 

A Slovenian lesbian, political, social quarterly published by ŠKUC-LL. In Slovenian with summaries of articles in English. 

Uruguay-based feminist journal with an international editorial boad. Published twice annually with an additional online-only issue. In Spanish and English. 

A journal from India that aims to share information about women's lives in different communities in India. Includes selected articles from the print edition. In English. 

NIKK Magasin 
Published by the Nordic Institute for Women, the annual edition in English offers articles from the Scandinavian issues and additional articles aimed at an international audience. Presents gender research from Nordic countries. 

Il paese delle donne 
A journal with articles on international women's issues from Italy. In Italian. 

Suomi-Neito: Finnish Maiden 
A list of links covering various Finnish women's issues. 

Women in Judaism 
A journal from Canada on Jewish women worldwide. Includes 
many links to resources, articles, biographies, etc. In English. 

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Organizations, Institutions and Research Centers

Aletta Institute for Women's History
Formerly the International Information Center and Archives for the Women's Movement in the Netherlands, this site provides database access to the archive's collection of books, articles, photos, and posters, as well as websites related to women.  Also includes some news items related to women's history publishing and archiving.  Sites in English and Dutch.

Amnesty International: Women's Human Rights 
Includes programs, actions, links for human rights for women. Also includes most of their publications with full-text. In English.

APC Women's Networking Support Program
A global organization dedicated to promoting gender equity in information and communication technology. In English, French, Spanish.

CEDPA: Centre for Development and Population Activities
This non-profit organization with offices in Washington, D.C., Egypt, India, Nepal, Nigeria, and South Africa, provides grants to local women organizations working to improve educational opportunities for women and girls and ensure access to reproductive health care.

Center for Reproductive Rights
The Center for Reproductive Law and Policy (CRLP) is a non-profit legal advocacy group defending women's reproductive rights internationally. In English, Spanish, and French. 

Global Fund for Women
From Palo Alto, California, USA. Funds international women's grassroots organizations. Includes newsletter and links to organizations that have received funding.

Global List of Women's Organisations
A list of women's organizations worldwide arranged alphabetically by country or territory. 

International Alliance of Women
Founded in 1904 to deal with suffrage and citizenship issues, this international alliance of women's organizations monitors and reports on women's human rights issues around the world.  Includes newsletter archive.

ICRW, International Center for Research on Women 
Based in Washington, DC, USA, it promotes "social and economic development with women's full participation." Includes information about projects, seminars, grants, publications, activism in developing countries. 

International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission
Includes "World Watch" which contains information and news stories from different countries. Also "Allies" which contains other links under such topics as immigration, religion, human rights. In English, French, and Spanish. 

International Labour Organization: ILO's Gender Equality page
Includes links to various briefs on gender issues and gender equity projects. In English, Spanish and French. 

International Women's Media Foundation
A worldwide organization advocating for the strengthening of women's voices in all media. In English.

IWTC, International Women's Tribune Center
A major information, education, communication, networking, technical assistance and training resource for women worldwide Also a publisher/distributor of books, reports, pamphlets, UN documents, postcards, and posters through Women, INK. Based in New York, USA. 

An international women's human rights organizations originating in the United States which works with sister organizations in Central America, Cuba, Haiti, Mexico, and the former Yugoslavia. Includes information on those projects and organizations. 

NIKK: Nordic Institute for Women's Studies and Gender Research
NIKK organizes seminars, conducts research projects, and publishes a magazine and journal dealing with gender and sexuality. Also provides access to bibliographic databases of women's studies monographs, periodicals, and PhD theses produced by various Nordic entities. 

U. Toronto Law Library: Women's Human Rights Resources Programme
Program collects and disseminates information on women's legal rights in Canada and internationally.  Site includes a database of resources, including some full-text, bibliographies and research guides, and symposium papers.

WEDO, Women's Environment and Development Organization
A women's advocacy organization for environmental issues worldwide. Contains reports, action items, United Nations information and more.

WEMC: Research Programme Consortium
This grant funded research program based in Hong Kong focuses on "women's empowerment in Muslim contexts" with partners in China, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Iran.  The site describes the research program and provides full-text of reports and symposium presentations.  In English.

WILPF, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom International 
Includes information, political actions, messages, and resources. In English. 

Women without Borders
Vienna based organization that does advocacy for women around the world.  Site provides news of the organization's activities, various reports, and articles from their newsletter.

Women's Global Network for Reproductive Rights
Network of groups and individuals from around the world who are working for women's reproductive rights.

World Bank: Gender and Development
Includes country gender profiles, statistics, and links to World Bank projects for women. http://web.worldbank.org/WBSITE/EXTERNAL/TOPICS/EXTGENDER/0,,menuPK:336874~pagePK:149018~piPK:149093~theSitePK:336868,00.html

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General Sites for International Women's Issues

International Women's Web Sites
A selected list of international web sites on women focused outside the United States and Canada compiled by Joan Korenman of University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA. 

Social Watch
From the Instituto del Tercer Mundo in Uruguay. Includes many statistics on health, housing, literacy internationally. Tracks countries' committments from Beijing Conference on Women. Has search capabilites. 

Women Watch
Produced and maintained by the United Nations Inter-Agency Network on Women and Gender Equality (IANWGE).  It is a gateway to UN information and data and an evolving forum on global women's issues.  

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A searchable bibliography of 25 years of Africana research. Consists of two bibliographic databases covering Africana periodical literature. One is just on African women's issues. Also includes a bibliography of women travelers, explorers and missionaries to Africa, 1763-2000. 

African Gender Institute 
From the University of Capetown, South Africa. Includes projects, research, newsletters and other links. 

African National Congress Women's League 
From the ANC (African National Congress) focusing on women's roles in the liberation struggle. Contains speeches and biographies. 

African Women: on the Internet 
A link to various sites, including papers, articles in newspapers, newsletters, directories, UN and development programs on African women's issues. 

allAfrica.com - Women
Commercial site gathers news stories from 125 African news organizations.  Also provides some links.

Center for the Study and Research of African Women in Cinema
This site, devoted to the study of African women in the movie and television industry, provides lists of films dealing with various gender and women's issues in addition to quotations and interviews, bibliography and filmography, links, and an introductory essay on African women in cinema.  In English.

A site for Francophone African women. In French. 

FEMNET: the African Women's Development and Communication Network 
Based in Kenya, the organization works with NGOs focusing on women's development, gender violence, and other human rights. Site includes notice of events, descriptions of campaigns, and publications.

GWS Africa
This project of the African Gender Institute at the University of Cape Town provides materials for the teaching of gender and women's studies in Africa. In English.

The Women Peace and Security Network Africa was founded in Ghana in 2006 as a pan-African NGO to promote the participation and leadership of women in peace and security governance in Africa.  The organization not only promotes women in peacekeeping functions, but spreads awareness of women's issues associated with civil strife and war.  The site provides information on programs and activities and offfers a limited number of reports and a new publication, Women In Security Bulletin.  In English and French.

Women's Net/Gender in Africa Information Network(GAIN)
A networking support program for South African women to search the Internet for resources related to social activism. 

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Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law, and Development
NGO devoted to helping women use the law as a tool for social change, justice, and equality.  Site provides information about programs and publications, with some full -text.  There are lLinks to other organizations.

Asia Pacific Women's Watch 
From Manila, The Philippines. In English. Features newsletters, articles, stories, organizations, and an excellent list of Asia and Pacific Women's web sites. 

This national level NGO began its work of raising awareness of women's and girls' human rights issues in Pakistan in 1991.  Site provides information on Bedari activities, including theatrical performances, and some publications.  In English.

Center for Asia-Pacific Women in Politics (CAPWIP)
This regional NGO based in the Philippines is dedicated to promoting equal participation of women in politics.  Site includes news and occasional papers on women in politics, links to conference information, some statistics, and a database of social services and other organizations in the countries of the region.  In English.  

Centre for Women's Development Studies
Based in New Delhi, this organization promotes and coordinates research on women and development.  Some of the resulting papers are available on the site.

Committee for Asian Women 
Based in Bangkok, this is a network of women's organizations dealing with the issues of working women. Site presents reports on CAW's activities, news stories about women workers' activism, and various web links. 

National Foundation for Australian Women
In addition to providing information on social policy related to women and efforts to preserve historical documentation on women, this site provides a searchable database of the Australian Women's Archive Project.

Extensive information for and about South Asian women. Includes notice of books.  In English. 

Women of India
Section of a family-created web page providing information, pictures, and primary materials on the culture and history of women in India.  

Tibetan Women's Association
An organization devoted to social change for women living in Tibet and in exile. Includes a video about Tibetan women that can be viewed online. In English. 

The Women's Foundation 
This organization funds projects and research related to girls and women in Hong Kong. Includes links to other Hong Kong women- related web sites. 

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Canadian Women's Foundation
Dedicated to change that will bring about the equality of girls and women in Canada, this organization funds projects that foster economic  independence and an end to violence against women.  Includes the organization's newsletter and various reports.  In English and French.

Status of Women Canada
A government agency that  promotes gender equality and women's full participation in the life of the country.  Includes full-text of some agency reports.  In English and French.

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Covers the Belgian women's movement and includes archives of women's history, women's organizations, and other links. In French, English, and Dutch from Belgium. 

L'Annuaire au Feminin 
A documentation centre from France with listings to organizations in Europe, Africa and the United States, conferences, and a forum. In French and English. 

Azerbaijan Gender Information Center
National gender portal provides gender related news from around the world and promotes the work of women's organizations in the South Caucasus.  In English, Azerbaijani, and Russian.

A women's human rights project in Croatia. Includes newsletters, reports, and documents. In Croatian and English.

Council of Europe:  Equality between Women and Men
Web site provides documents and news of events related to equality issues in Europe.  In English and French with additional material in other languages.

European Women's Lobby
Large umbrella organization of women's groups in the European Union with 23 countries represented.  Works to promote women's rights and equality in European Union member states.  Site includes news, and information about the organization's activities and publications.  In French and English.

FemCities Network
This Austrian site in an information exchange for "European cities networking for gender equality."  Submissions on women's and gender issues and events in Europe come from cities around the continent.  Included is information on media, politics, culture, and profiles of various organizations working on gender issues.  A wide variety of reports and other publications are also available.  Sit in generally in English, although some submissions and reports are in the original language with an English abstract.

A site on feminism and women in the Czech Republic; includes the Centre for Gender Studies in Prague. In Czech. 

FOKUS: Forum for Women and Development
FOKUS coordinates Norwegian women's organizations' support to and collaboration with women in the South. FOKUS has 71 affiliated women's organizations in Norway. In Norwegian, English, and Spanish..

Gender in Norway
This site, a collaboration of various Norwegian public agencies, provides news, statistics, and information about research on gender issues.  Also includes a blog.   In English.

Gender Inn 
A searchable database, with an English and German thesaurus, on feminist theory, literary criticism, and gender studies. From the University of Koln in Germany.

International Information Centre and Archives for the Women's Movement, based in Amsterdam. In English and Dutch.

KARAT Coalition 
Headquartered in Poland, this is a coalition of women's NGO's in Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Includes information about the organization's projects, publications, and news from the region. 

KETHI: Research Center for Gender Equality
Center conducts research and provides information and statistics on gender issues in Greece.  In Greek.

KVINFO: All About Gender in Denmark
Information resources on women and society in Denmark, legislation, women's history, and gender research.  In English and Danish. 

A database from Sweden which documents books and articles with a search system. In English and Swedish. 

die media - frauen information online 
Includes mailing lists, web sites, workshops, conferences, bibliographies, seminars. In German. 

Network of East-West Women
Contains information on conferences, projects, publications and a listing of organizations by country in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. 

Compiled from the National Women's Information Center in Poland. Includes summaries of the Center's Bulletin, news articles, links on women's issues in Central and Eastern Europe. In Polish and English. 

OWL/Open Women Line 
Compiled by ZhIF Vostok-Zapad in Moscow, Russia. Includes information about Russian and international women's organizations. In Russian and English. 

Les Pènèlopes 
A French organization which aims to collect and disseminate information on women's issues. In French. 

Q Web Sweden
"A base for Women's empowerment." Links to articles, organizations, information about empowerment, health, reproduction, sexuality, violence, and adolescents. In English and Swedish.

Rosa Luxemburg Institut 
From Vienna, Austria. Has many links, including a directory of women's studies in Switzerland. In German and English. 

Russian Feminism Resources
Contains articles, information on Russian women, links to other sites, such as women's organizations in other post-Communist countries, art, literature, and news. In Russian and English. 

Stiftung Frauen-Literature-Forschung 
From the Foundation for study of women's literature in Bremen, Germany. Includes information on a database on women writers in Germany. In German. 

La Strada Ukraine 
A non-governmental organization in Ukraine for prevention of trafficking in women. In English and Russian. 

Storia delle Donne 
In Italian. Sites on women's studies in Italy. 

Women and Cultural Diversity: a Digest of Cases
Searchable database of British court cases in which gender and culture coincide, dating from as far back as the 1970s.  Provided by the LSE Gender Institute.

Women, State, Culture  
Developed by Kristina Mihalec. Links to articles, news, women's centers in all the countries of the Balkin region.

Women's Alliance for Development - Bulgaria
This foundation supports the work of Bulgarian NGOs working on gender and women's issues through training, information collection and dissemination, and legislative advocacy.  Site provides information on the organizations' programs and projects and some reports.  In English and Bulgarian.

Women's Rights Center - Armenia
Formed in 1997, the focus of this NGO is women's and children's rights with an emphasis on domestic violence.  The site lists activities, programs, and publications of the organization and provides updated global news on efforts to stop violence against women.  In English and Armenian.

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South and Central America

Articulacion Feminista Marcosur
Network of South American organizations working regionally and with world partners on women's rights issues.  Site provides links to related regional organizations and to the organization's bulletin.  In Spanish.

Casa de la Mujer de la Union 
From Uruguay. Links to many other sites. Texts on women's rights. In Spanish. 

CEM: Centro de Estudios de la Mujer
Chilean non-profit organization which supports social science research on gender issues.  Site provides news about projects and links to related organizations.  In English and Spanish.

Cendoc is a women's organization in Peru which provides documents on women's issues. In Spanish.

Centro de la Mujer Peruana Flora Tristan
Organization of feminists in  who have been working for full citizenship for Peruvian women since 1979.  Site includes statistics on women in the country, information about the organization's activities, and a number of reports.  In Spanish

CFEMEA: Centro Feminista de Estudos e Assessoria
Brazilian feminist organization working to improve conditions for women in their country.  Site includes information about government activities that effect women and their monthly newsletter.  In Portuguese with English front page.

Isis International
From Chile. Includes programs, publications, other sites. In Spanish. 

MEI - Fundacion Mujeres en Igualdad 
A non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging women's participation in politics. In Spanish and English, from Argentina. 

Mujeres en Red 
An activist site that contains news stories, articles, and alerts concerning women's issues from various countries including Latin America. In Spanish. 

La Neta 
Links to sites of organizations, such as CIDHAL and conferences of women in Mexico. In Spanish. 

Radio Internacional Feminista 
A women's media organization which interviews women on the radio and also presents the interviews in writing and in audio on this web site. Many speeches and interviews from the Beijing Conference on Women and Beijing + 5 in New York. In Spanish and English, from Costa Rica. 

Latin America in Movement: Special Topics: Women
ALAI is a "regional communications initiative serving women's and feminist movements in Latin America and the Caribbean. This Web site gathers documentary material on gender issues." From Ecuador, in Spanish, French, Portuguese, and English.

Women in Latin America -- LANIC 
Links to resources on Latin American women by country. From the University of Texas, U.S.A. 

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Middle East

Bat SHALOM of Jerusalem 
An Israeli Women's Center which works with a Palestinian Women's Center in Jerusalem. Includes activities, statements, calendar, and photos of both centers. 

Coalition of Women for Peace
Founded in 2000 this organization of individuals and other feminist peace organizations has the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as its focus.  The site provides news of the coalition's activities and articles on peace efforts.  In English, Arabic, and Hebrew.

Israel Women's Network 
A resource center in Israel with publications on women's issues and a newsletter. In Hebrew and English.

Resources for and About Muslim Women
Compiled by Huma Ahmad, contains information, articles, and sites on women and Islam. 

RAWA: Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan
Contains the newsletter, Payam-e-Zan, in Persian and Pashtu with translations in English and Urdu. In Farsi and English. 

Women's Forum against Fundamentalism in Iran
Based in Boston, this organization's web site features news stories on women in Iran, a newsletter, and general information about the status of women in that country.

Women in the Middle East 
A comprehensive listing of articles and links for information about Arab women, Afghani women, Iranian women, Israeli/Jewish women, Kurdish women, and more. From Columbia University.

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