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Higher Education

  • Women in the Curriculum series
    From the National Center for Curriculum Transformation Projects on Women, these short books offer suggestions, resources, and rationale for infusing gender into courses in all disciplines. They are aaccessible in fulltext through ERIC (select advanced search and search for "Women in the Curriculum series" as a title search. Include the quotation marks in the search statement.).

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"Surfacing the Structures of Patriarchy: Teaching and Learning Threshold Concepts in Women's Studies," By Holly Hassel, Amy Reddinger and Jessica Van Slooten. International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Volume 5, Number 2, July 2011.

Annotated Bibliography on Feminist Pedagogy in the Composition Classroom: Feminization, Maternal Paradigms, and Essentialism
By Sheri Laska, July 1998

Feminist Pedagogy is a category of the Women's Studies Core Books Database, sponsored by the Women and Gender Studies Section of the Association of College and Research Libraries.

Feminist Pedagogy: Issues Challenging Today's Instructors, by Diana Philip (2009)

Through the Flower
Feminist art education project, by Judy Chicago

Quotations on Feminist Pedagogy
Compiled by Penny Welch, University of Wolverhampton (Jan. 2000).

Using A Feminist Pedagogy As A Male Teacher: The Possibilities Of A Partial And Situated Perspective
By Steven P. Schacht, Radical Pedagogy v. 2, no. 2 (Fall 2000)

WMST-L File Collection: Pedagogical Issues and Strategies
Discussion files from WMST-L, the women's studies email discussion list.

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ERIC Database Search
Searchable database of educational research. Search for "women," "girls," "gender," and specific topics. For complex searches, try Advanced search.

Research sponsored by the American Association of University Women

Research Centers
International listing of research centers on women; primarily university-based. Maintained by the Univ. of Wisconsin System Women's Studies Librarian.

Statistical Sources

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Links to financial aid sites for female students.

Funding Sources for Women
"Finding Funding for Women: Web and Non-Web Resources," by Liz Breed, in Feminist Collections v. 25, no. 2 (Winter, 2004) covers funding for higher education as well as other endeavors.

Fundsnet Women Grants and Resources
Links to funding sites for education and other endeavors.

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Teacher Training

"Women Teachers Empowered in India: Teacher Training Through A Gender Lens," by Sandra Stacki, UNICEF, 2002. (52p.pdf)


Gender Issues in Education

General and Multi-Issue Sites

Education of Girls and Women as a Human Right, and Sample Campaigns and Projects Around the World

Empowering Girls

Several projects, organizations, and coalitions are active in mentoring and educating girls about science, technology, careers, positive body images, etc., and in educating the public about girls' issues. Here are some of note:

  • WE LEARN (Women Expanding Literacy Education Action Resource Network)
    "a community promoting women’s literacy as a tool that fosters empowerment and equity for women."

Sexual Harassment

Single-Sex Education

Sports Equity

  • Gender Equity in Intercollegiate Athletics - 2008, from the National Collegiate Athletic Association is a practical guide for colleges and universities that "explains the law in a way that is accessible to those seeking to understand the law, to incorporate gender-equitable policies into existing athletics programs and to evaluate their implementation in a meaningful way."

  • Advocacy described on the Women's Sports Foundation website

  • Gender Equity in Sports
    Maintained as part of on an ongoing project by Dr. Mary C. Curtis and Dr. Christine H.B. Grant at The University of Iowa (Women's Intercollegiate Athletics), this is an excellent resource about Title IX compliance, lawsuits, etc. through 2000. See also the listings under "Title IX" below.

  • "Title IX: Gender Equity in College Sports: an AAUP Position Paper," June 2003 (American Association of University Professors).

Status of Women in Higher Education: Commissions, Offices, Initiatives, and Reports

Teen-age Pregnancy and Parenting

Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, which banned sex discrimination in educational programs

Welfare Reform and Its Effects on the Educational Opportunities of Poor Women

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Women's Studies

National Women's Studies Association/Ms. Magazine Guide to Women's and Gender Studies

Women's Studies Programs, Departments and Research Centers
Links to those with websites. Maintained by Joan Korenman.

Graduate Programs in Women's Studies
Maintained by Smith College's Women's Studies Program.

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History of the Education of Women

Education Section of American Women's History: A Research Guide, by Ken Middleton, Middle Tennessee State University Library
Lists bibliographies, biographical sources, encyclopedias/historical overviews, primary sources in archival, microform, and digital collections, and more.

Daniel Defoe on the Education of Women, 1719
In the Internet History Sourcebook, edited by Paul Halsall.

Dead Sociologists' Index includes material about Harriet Martineau and Jane Addams' views of the education of women.

History of Women and Education online exhibit from the National Women’s History Museum

Symposium: History of Women in Education, Harvard Educational Review, 57:4 (Winter 1997)

Women Teachers and Educations links from About.com, maintained by Jone Johnson Lewis

Women Who Go to College by Arthur Gilman, Century Magazine 36 (1888): 714-18.

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Directories of Organizations

  • Scholarly Societies
    Maintained by the Library at University of Waterloo; this section is for women-focused caucuses and associations.

  • Women's Organizations
    Maintained by the Univ. of Wis. System Women's Studies Librarian. Scroll to section of "Academic professional organizations."

Selected Individual Organizations

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Feminist Teacher
(Description on the site.) Issues are available in print and in these databases to which some libraries subscribe: Contemporary Women's Issues, Education Fulltext, GenderWatch, Project Muse, and JSTOR.

Gender and Education
(Description on the site.) Issues are available in print and in these databases to which some libraries subscribe: Academic Search Elite, Contemporary Women's Issues, MasterFILE Premier, and ProQuest Research Library.

Journal of LGBT Youth (formerly Journal of Gay and Lesbian Issues in Education)
(Description and tables of content on the site.) Contains current information on what's happening in educational policy, curriculum development, professional practice, and pedagogy involving gay and lesbian studies. Issues available in print and in LGBT Life with Full Text , to which some libraries subscribe.

On Campus With Women
Newsletter online at no charge published by the Program on the Status and Education of Women of the Association of American Colleges and Universities covering women's leadership, campus climate, curriculum, pedagogy, and research about women. Previously issued in print, it is entirely an electronic periodical, as of December, 2002.

Radical Teacher: a Socialist, Feminist, and Anti-Racist Journal on the Theory and Practice of Teaching
(Tables of contents, book reviews, and some columns are available on the site.) Available in print and in these databases to which some libraries subscribe: Academic Search Elite, Contemporary Women's Issues, Education Fulltext, and Education Research Complete,

Transformations: The Journal of Inclusive Scholarship and Pedagogy
(Description on the site.) A resource for curriculum transformation and scholarship. Available in print and in these databases to which some libraries subscribe: AltPressWatch, Education Fulltext, Education Research Complete, and GenderWatch.

Women in Higher Education
A monthly overview of issues affecting women on campuses. Non-subscribers can read sample articles and statistical information. Subscribers to the print version can access all articles. Available in fulltext in Contemporary Women's Issues and GenderWatch databases to which some libraries subscribe.

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Discussion Lists

Women-Related Lists About Education or Campus Life
Maintained by Joan Korenman

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