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Past Conference Programs and Discussion Groups

Past Annual Conference Programs

  • 2003, Toronto: Program cancelled
  • 1999, New Orleans: Inquiring and Learning Between the Lines: Interdisciplinary Research and the Academic Library
    Barbara E. Ryan, Widener University
    Susan Searing, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Nancy Kushigian, University of California at Davis
  • 1998, Washington DC: A World in Motion: Refugees and Resources
    Carolyn Brown, Acting Head of Area Studies Section, Library of Congress
    Charles Dambach, CEO of National Peace Corps Assocation
    Diana Quirk, Women's Commission for Refugee Women and Children
  • 1997, San Francisco: HIV/AIDS Information for Women: From the Archive to the Street
    Will Walker, AIDS History Project at the University of California, San Francisco
    Cristina Campbell, Public Health Library, Berkeley
    Irma Torres, Lyon-Martin Women's Health Services, San Francisco
    Safer Sex Sluts
    Ellen Broidy, University of California at Irvine, moderator

Past Midwinter Discussions

  • 2013, Seattle: Digital Humanities, Libraries, and Interdisciplinary Work: Practices, Possibilities, and Sustainability
  • 2012, Dallas: Subject Librarians: Current and Future Direction
  • 2011, San Diego: Digital Natives: The Myth of the Millenial Student
  • 2010, Boston: The "F" Word: Contemporary Feminism is Freaky
  • 2009, Denver: Multimedia and Classrooms -- Role of the Library and Librarians
  • 2008, Philadelphia: (Re)Thinking Subject Guides: Interactivity Unbound
  • 2007, Seattle: Whither Women's Studies?: Feminism, (Inter)Disciplinarity, and the Future
  • 2006, San Antonio: You mean I can use a 'zine in a research paper?
  • 2005, Boston: Virtual Meetings and WSS
  • 2004, San Diego
  • 2003, Philadelphia: Getting Connected: Strategies for Making Contacts with Women on Campus, in Our Communities, and with Other Women's Studies Librarians
  • 2002, New Orleans: Learning to Mentor Each Other: Sharing Our Knowledge as Librarians and Educators
  • 2001, Washington DC: Women's Studies Collection Development
  • 2000, San Antonio: Women's Groups in ALA
  • 1999, Philadelphia: Future Directions for WSS
  • 1998, New Orleans: What is Women's Studies Librarianship?
  • 1997, Washington, D.C.: Comparing New Women's Studies CD-ROMS
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