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Getting Published: From Practice to Print
June 27, 2005

The Women's Studies Sections 2005 program provided an overview of the publishing process for the prospective. The program was divided into two parts: first, two editors of major journals ( portal: libraries and the academy and Feminist Teacher ) discussed their experiences from working with practitioner-researchers. Roundtable discussions followed, covering the range of practical issues important to librarians preparing to write for publication. Experienced authors, editors, and publishers facilitated the small discussion groups.

Panel Presentations

Karyle Butcher, founding editor of portal: Libraries and the Academy for Glorianna St. Clair, Dean of University Libraries Carnegie Mellon University

Glorianna St. Clair's presentation -- http://www.library.cmu.edu/Libraries/Advice.ppt

Theresa Kemp, Co-Editor Feminist Teacher

"The Feminist Teacher Editorial Collective's Top Tips for Getting Your Essays Published"


Roundtable Discussions

"Getting Started in Publishing." Discussion led by Sara Brownmiller and Megan Adams

Discussion Notes

"An Editor's Perspective." Discussion led by Monica Baron, co-editor of Feminist Teacher and Theresa Kemp

Discussion Notes

"Finding Opportunites to Publish and Collaborate." Discussion led by Susan Searing and Jeanne Armstrong.

Discussion Notes

"Revisions and Turndowns." Discussion leaders Phyllis Holman Weisbard and Janet Fore

Preparation notes: Revisions and turndowns by Phyllis Holman Weisbard

Discussion notes

"Moving from Presentation to Article." Discussion leaders Nancy Dewald and Dolores Fidishun

Moving from Presentation to Article by Nancy Dewald

From Presentation to Publication by Dr. Dolores Fidishun

"Writing a Book." Discussion leaders Aline Soules, Cindy Ingold, and Linda Krikos

Writing a Book by Aline Soules

Tips from The Librarian's Guide to Writing for Publication by Rachel Singer Gordon.



Bibliography on Getting Published (and a Few Selected Citations on Reviewing, Editing and Publishing . by Phyllis Holman Weisbard

How to get published in LIS journals: a practical guide. Edited by: Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe and Jennifer Dorner. Elsivier, 2003.(viewed 7/10/05)


This exciting program was co-sponsored by the College Libraries Section, University Libraries Section, ALA Committee on the Status of Women in Librarianship & SRRT Feminist Taskforce.

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