WSS Research Committee
ALA Midwinter Meeting, Denver
Sunday, January 25, 2009

Present:  Cindy Ingold (chair), Marcia Barrett, Kayo Denda, Jennifer Gilley, Jennifer Nace, Jane Nichols

Volunteer Minute Taker
Marcia volunteered to record the minutes.

Approval of Minutes from 2008 Annual
Minutes from the 2008 annual conference were approved as submitted to Executive Committee.

Additions to the Agenda
Jennifer Gilley has updated the Bibliography of Scholarship in Women’s Studies Librarianship.  It is current through January 2008. She will follow up with Erin about uploading the files to the WSS website and will send email to WSS-L asking members to notify her about new publications.

Old Business
Committee Membership – Reappointments
Appointments - Jennifer Gilley (she’s not currently an official committee member)
Reappointments - Jeanne Armstrong, Marcia Barrett, Jennifer Nace
Ineligible for reappointment - Jane Nichols, Cindy Ingold, Dolores Fidishun, Kayo Denda

Poster Sessions/Research Forum Planning (Chicago 2009)
The committee reviewed the RFP for poster sessions for the research forum at annual conference and agreed upon the following:
Change “first annual” to “second annual”
Change conference date and location information
Change last sentence to read:  
The forum seeks to provide an opportunity to present newly completed research or work in progress.  Beginning and established researchers are welcome to apply.  Participants may receive collaborative feedback and recommendations for future publishing and/or new initiatives.
            Submission deadline (March 15, 2009)
Notification date (April 15, 2009)
            Change “final version 4-2008”

We will use the following avenues for seeking proposals:
            Library school listserv, WSS-L, FTF, WMST (in previous minutes)

Updates on Research Projects

  1. FTF Research Project (speakers and gender of ALA programs)
  1. Cindy is working on a research project, the history of women’s studies librarianship, for Women in Social Movements.  She has looked at how COSWL and FTF have worked on social issues within the organization but won’t be looking including WSS.  She has a proposal ready to send to Kitty Sklar, one of the editors of the database.


There was a discussion about concerns that the information be made available for researchers.  The Second Wave and Beyond piece of the database is free, but many libraries cannot afford Women in Social Movements.  In which part of the database will Cindy’s research be included?  She will look into submission process for Second Wave.  Another option for making the information freely available is to make a condition of submission to Women in Social Movements that it also be a part of the University of Illinois institutional repository.

Kayo and Sherri Barnes serve on the executive board of Women in Social Movements.  It’s an (Alexander Street) expensive database, and Kayo thinks it’s problematic to do pro bono work for an expensive database.   She was supposed to be paid $500/year but has not received the stipend.

3.  Jane is interested in institutional repositories and women’s studies for her own research.   This
 could be a possible program topic for the future – women’s studies research and how it’s being     preserved in the digital age for future women’s studies scholars.

Web Page Updates
Jennifer  Gilley updated the web page for the 2008 annual conference.  We will continue to update it annually each summer.

Research Agenda
Jennifer Gilley moved the research agenda to a wiki page after our decision to do so at the 2008 annual conference.
New Projects and Business
Program for 2010 Annual Conference (Washington)
Kayo is chairing the Program Planning Committee for the 2010 annual conference.  The committee discussed possible program ideas, and one topic that was raised was the difficulty in finding media material to use in women’s studies classrooms.  This material is not indexed like print material.  The program could include initiatives of librarians to bring these materials into awareness.

Agenda Items for Annual Conference
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