ACRL WSS 2006 Research Committee
Midwinter Meeting, San Antonio, TX – January 22, 2006
Hilton Palacio Del Rio--Cortes Real D-F

Members present: Jane Nichols, Chair: Kayo Denda; Cindy Ingold

Members absent: Priscilla Atkins, Catherine Colligan, Dolores Fidishun,

Guest: Jennifer Gilley, Past Chair

1. Committee members introduced themselves. Cindy Ingold agreed to take minutes.

2. Minutes from the annual meeting in Chicago were approved.

3. There were two additions to the agenda:

A. Discuss ideas about where to publish the Research Agenda for Women’s Studies Librarianship, written by Jennifer Gilley

B. Discuss possibility of collaborating with the College Libraries Section on co-sponsoring a research focused program

4. Old Business:

A. Creating a Central Space on the Internet for Calls for Papers, Conferences, Etc. Committee discussed several ideas for this including a BLOG, Wiki, etc. Currently, there is a note on the WSS Research Committee page <> which asks for people to send calls for papers to Jennifer. Jennifer said this is very rarely used. After much discussion, the Committee decided there were several other resources listing calls for papers and conferences both for women’s studies and for librarianship. We decided to link to these existing resources. Jennifer agreed to put this together, and Committee members were asked to send her links by March 1. Jennifer will send a reminder in mid-February.

B. Conducting a Survey of WSS Members about Their Research Interests
There is a research interest profile form on the current web site, but Jennifer said only 12 members of the section filled out the form. The Committee had hoped to create a database of research interests, but this never happened. We talked about the pros and cons of doing a survey, including being very clear about the type of information we want to get from the survey; the length of the survey; and how to distribute the survey. We also realized that most survey instruments including web based tools such as Survey Monkey are designed to collect quantitative data, and that we would be asking for more qualitative data and comments. Kayo agreed to look at Survey Monkey to see what potential it has for our use. The Committee agreed to continue discussion at annual meeting when hopefully, more Committee members will be present.

5. New Business

A. Distribution and/or Publication of the Research Agenda for Women’s Studies Librarianship
Jennifer created the agenda and would like wide distribution for it. She has been in contact with the editor of College & Research Libraries News, but the editor gave her an ambiguous reply about publishing the research agenda. Jennifer indicated that NWSA Journal might be interested in publishing this. The Committee suggested that Jennifer go back to the editor of C & R L News to get a definitive answer about publishing the agenda. We urged her to stress the importance of this work for other ACRL sections, and that the WSS wants wide distribution of the research agenda.

B. Working with CLS on a Program
Jamie Gill, a member of Research for College Librarianship Committee of the College Libraries Section, had contacted Jane about possibly collaborating on a program. The Committee brainstormed a few ideas, including: How do Librarians work with undergraduate students on their research projects? This might include analyzing the spectrum of a Librarian’s involvement with an undergraduate’s project from the beginning stages of information gathering to final presentation or publication. Another idea was to have a faculty member in women’s studies discuss how he/she gets undergraduates involved in activist or community based projects, and how the library could be involved with this. The Committee will continue exploring ideas, and make suggestions to the next vice-chair/chair elect. This would be a potential program idea for annual 2008.

Respectfully submitted,
Cindy Ingold

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