WGSS Research Committee Minutes
2015 ALA Annual Conference
San Francisco
Saturday, June 27th
10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
Hilton Union Square – Taylor Room

Nina Clements, Nancy Dennis, Carrie Dunham-LaGree, Sharon Ladenson, Jennifer Gilley

New Business
The committee is in a rebuilding phase with no continuing old business, so we brainstormed ideas for new projects to take on:

  1. Sharon Ladenson suggested reaching out to Master’s and graduate students in library science to publicize our research agenda and our activities as a section. We could seek out opportunities to talk to LIS Programs either in person or electronically. This has been attempted by the Membership Committee in the past, so we will check with them to see what strategies they tried.

  2. Carrie Dunham-LaGree suggested that WGSS could sponsor an Emerging Leader. Emerging Leaders are given projects by their sponsoring sections, so either our committee or WGSS as a whole could come up with a useful project to supplement our efforts.

  3. Carrie Dunham-LaGree also pointed out that we have a lot in common with CritLib, an informal organization that holds in-person and online discussions about critical pedagogy and other social justice related topics within librarianship. She suggested that we look for ways to cross-pollinate with them. One idea might be to specifically invite the members of the CritLib community to submit a poster for our research poster session.

  4. Jennifer Gilley posed the idea of moving toward another update of the Research Agenda for Women and Gender Studies Librarianship. The last update incorporated a literature review of sources up to 2010, so if we want to update every 5 years, we could begin working in 2016 on a literature review of 2011-2015.

Respectfully submitted,
Jennifer Gilley

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