WGSS Research Committee Minutes
ALA Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA
Sunday, June 26, 2011
10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Sheraton Hotel

Present:  Susan Wood, Jeanne Armstrong, Marcia Barrett, Kayo Denda, Caitlin Shanley.

Susan Wood chairing in place of Jennifer Gilley.
Minutes taken by Pamela Salela.

Review & Approval of Minutes, 2010
      approved w/ no changes

No additions to agenda

Logo:  Comments were positive about new logo; 
      Jennifer Gilley is updating website with new WGSS logo

Bibliography of Scholarship:
Discussion ensued regarding need to update bibliography.  If citations are noted that are relevant, forward them to Jennifer Gilley to add to the online bibliography.  However, there is a concern about the workload for Jennifer. 
Recommendation that the committee perform a new, formal literature review for the bibliography. 

Research agenda assignments:
The following have yet to be handed in: Users Information Seeking Behavior, Scholarly Communications, (Feminism & Librarianship) Gender & Technology, History of Women & Librarianship (needs a new assignee because Courtney is unable to complete) NOTE:  Jeanne Armstrong MAY be able to take on an area that is not yet complete, and will let Jennifer know by the end of July. 

Side conversation regarding poster sessions.  It was agreed that these should always be posted on the web site.

Revision of research agenda: 
     Discuss draft:  Is the overall format & structure good?        
     Integrate questions under each heading with the literature review?  Yes, tie them back to the article(s) whence the query(ies) are originating.  See Collection Development & Evaluation as an example template.  Use bullet points for questions.

Agreed that we should hyperlink the citations in the research agenda online back to the bibliography online.

- Indexing vocabulary, possibilities for new name:

- Indexing Coverage (which journal titles, books, etc.), change to: 
Database coverage of Women & Gender Studies materials.


Addition of Gender Studies to name - ramification:

      - Projects that need to change to accommodate.
           Gender analysis of ALA programs (Dolores Fidishun)
           Poster Sessions
           Research Agenda:  Within new lit. review, include reflection of LGBTQ, masculinity studies, etc. No limit on format: books, anthologies, videos, articles, etc.)


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