WSS Research Committee Minutes
ALA Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C.
Sunday, June 26, 2010
10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Renaissance Washington, Meeting Room 12

Jennifer Gilley, Caitlin Shanley, Susan Wood, Jeanne Armstrong, Pamela Salela

Review and Approval of Minutes from 2010 Midwinter Meeting
The minutes from the 2010 Midwinter meeting were approved.  They were emailed to members before the annual conference and are available on the WSS website.

Calls for Additions to the Agenda
There were no additions to the agenda

Chair for 2010/2011
Marcia Barrett has to step down as chair this year due to responsibilities in another section. Jennifer Gilley agreed to chair, but cannot make the Midwinter meeting in San Diego. Other members present were not planning on going to San Diego either, so it was decided to conduct Midwinter business virtually in January 2011.

Old Business
1. Discussion of 2010 Research Poster Session

Everyone agreed that the poster sessions went well and that we should cap the number of posters at 5 for the future.  Jennifer will contact the presenters to get copies of their posters to put on the Research Committee website.

2.  Committee Website

3.  Status of Ongoing Research Projects


New Business
            No new business

Respectfully submitted,
Jennifer Gilley (chaired the meeting at Marcia’s request)


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