ACRL WSS 2009 Research Committee
Annual Meeting, Chicago – July 12, 2009


Members present: Cindy Ingold (chair), Marcia Barrett, Kayo Denda, Jeanne Armstrong (note taker), Jane Nichols, Dolores Fidishun

Members absent: Jennifer Nace; Jennifer Gilley

  1. Minutes from midwinter were approved.
  2. A brief discussion about recruiting new members. Some names were suggested, including Beth Strickland, Jennifer Hootman, Carrie Donovan, Michelle Maloney & Julie Edwards.  Marcia Barrett will chair the committee next year.
  3. New business: future program and midwinter discussion ideas. Some suggestions for  were: women’s studies versus gender studies and what’s happening at universities?; and where is feminism now?   The committee thought we could have a discussion on one of these topics at midwinter 2011 and then follow up with a program at annual 2011.
  4. Old Business:  Discussion of poster sessions The presenters all thought it was a great opportunity and great venue. There was much interest in the sessions and people stayed until 5:45. The feedback process went well.
    We were expecting 6 but only 5 presenters were there. Due to time and space constraints, we agreed that 6 would be too many and set an informal guideline that 5 should be the limit.
    We need to request the room for 2010 poster sessions by November and the room should accommodate 75 people. Also remember to remove names when sending out proposals to committee members. Dolores read the list for posting the call for proposals which included FTF, COSWL blog, Women Studies list, Dolores’s blog, ACRL research committee, Library research roundtable list, Tri-State College Library Cooperative for Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey;  WSS website, GLBT roundtable and ACRL chapters near the location for annual, e.g. New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania etc.
  5. The Committee web page should be updated as well as the wiki. We would like to post abstracts of the recent poster sessions on the website.  Cindy will ask permissions since this is useful for section members who can’t travel to conference.  Need a volunteer to update the webpage. We discussed using the wiki more as well as the possibility of using ALA Connect to promote the section. We could post and edit documents on Connect.
  6. Status of research projects by Committee members:

Dolores is trying to get information on all the programs with women speakers at ALA. She created an excel spreadsheet for program name, presenter, gender, affiliation, sponsor, etc.   The spreadsheet is housed on the Angel course management site at Penn State but everyone working on the project will have access.   All program information from annual conferences from the last 3 years will be input into the spreadsheet. The project group decided to substitute Chicago 2009 program information for New Orleans 2006 program information since New Orleans was not well attended. The project is a joint FTF, COSWL, WSS study on the presence of  gender in ALA presentations called “gender representation in ALA presentations.” There are 14 members working on this project and each participant will have 40-60 entries to input into the spreadsheet.  December 20, 2009 is the due date. The target is to submit a report at 2010 and a white paper for COSWL to take to Council and a small article for American Libraries. Chairs, moderators and presenters will be included. Also only programs, not socials or soirees will be included. Perceived gender can be ambiguous so they will try to determine how the person self-identifies.

Cindy’s project is documenting women’s studies librarianship as a social movement. The project has been accepted by Women and Social Movement’s Alexander Street
database.  She is doing research in the ALA Archives at the University of Illinois, especially looking at FTF and COSWL. She will send the abstract to our research committee members.

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