ACRL Women’s Studies Section
Research Committee
Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cindy Ingold (chair), Marcia Barrett, Kayo Denda, Dolores Fidishun, Jane Nichols,  Jennifer Gilley, Jennifer Nace
Volunteer Minute Taker
Marcia volunteered to record minutes.

Every committee member will be rotating off after 2009 Annual Conference.  Members willing to serve a second term are Jeanne Armstrong, Marcia Barrett, Kayo Denda, and Jennifer Gilley.  Jane Nichols, Dolores Fidishun and Cindy Ingold are serving their second term and are ineligible for reappointment.   Cindy will verify who is eligible for reappointment.

Approval of 2008 Midwinter Minutes
The minutes were approved as written.


Discussion of Poster Sessions
The consensus was that the poster sessions were a success, and we would like to do this again.  The membership meeting will be a two-hour session next year, so there will be time for more than three posters. There will need to be enough tables to accommodate the number of sessions.  This year, Jennifer had requested head table seating for eight which translated into two tables.

All of the presenters were seasoned researchers.  Although we originally envisioned the poster sessions as serving a mentoring function for new researchers, the sessions provided a needed venue for presenting research and a forum for promoting research related to women’s studies.

There was a discussion of hosting the poster sessions on the WSS website.  There could be a link to a PDF, Powerpoint, Word document, or, at least, an abstract.
We need to seek permission from the Publications Committee.

At this point, we will not change the criteria or limit the number of posters accepted.  However, if the Committee begins to receive several submissions, we may need to revise the criteria.

          Action Items:

Moving Research Agenda to a Wiki
Jane moved the research agenda to a Wiki page.  Right now, it’s hidden (not linked to the WSS website) but is open for anyone to register, go in, and make changes.
ACRL is looking into limiting permissions.   There may be a way to block individuals who have demonstrated malicious intent; it would be necessary to monitor the Wiki for misuse. The WSS Research Committee chair will monitor the Wiki.

Jane distributed copies of the ALA MediaWiki Style Cheat Sheet.

Action Items:


It was agreed that it would be helpful to update the agenda.  Jennifer has the research done by Hope Olson’s students, and this can be posted to the Wiki. 


Joint FTF/COSWL/WSS Research Project on Gender Presence in ALA Conference Presentations
ALA does not track racial or ethnic data.  We will have to determine gender by reviewing names in conference programs.   Dolores has developed a protocol for reviewing printed programs.

Dolores distributed a handout that included goals of the study, what is known, and protocol for printed programs.  She will send out another call for conference programs.  Review pages will be assigned by August with reviews done by Midwinter 2009.  Possible initial findings will be reported at 2009 Annual with a final white paper completed and reported by Midwinter 2010.

The group is looking into setting up a Wiki for the project.  The study group consists of interested members from FTF, COSWL, and WSS Research Committee members.
The study will look at probable gender (male or female).  Rationale for excluding transgendered persons were that we won’t know this information and individuals may not want this information known.    

Documenting Women’s Studies Librarianship as a Social Movement in the Women and Social Movement’s Database (Cindy)

Cindy has the submission guidelines for proposals for additions to the Women and Social Movements database with the idea of creating a proposal to add women’s studies librarianship.  Proposals have to include original documents.   Cindy will investigate more and get back with the committee.  Kayo, Dolores, and Marcia are interested in helping with the project. 

The Women and Social Movements database was originally offered for free, and members contributed content.  Now, the database is available only by subscription because it was not sustainable as a free product.  Academic libraries may be able to afford access, but many small public and rural libraries will not.

Action Items:

History of WSS
Dolores distributed a short survey to all previous Section chairs as well as a request to WSS-L members for recollections of the history of WSS.  She got a lot of responses, and her presentation on the history of WSS at the WSS Social included only a portion of information gathered.  There’s a lot of information in individual and collective memory that is not documented anywhere, and it’s important to capture this information before it is lost.   This would fit perfectly in the potential Documenting Women’s Studies Librarianship as a Social Movement project for the Women and Social Movement’s Database.

Related projects include indexing the WSS Newsletters and documenting committee projects.  Sherri Barnes has an indexing business and would be a good person to consult with.   Jennifer Nace and Marcia are interested in working on indexing the newsletter.   Dolores has copies of the complete run of the newsletters.  She has a GA scanning the newsletters, and they will be made available on the web. 

          Action Items


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