WSS Research Committee
Sunday 10:30-12:00pm
Marriot at Metro Center, Salon A/B
ALA Annual 2007

Members present: Kayo Denda; Dolores Fidishun; Jennifer Gilley; Jeanne Armstrong; Jane Nichols, Chair 

Members absent: Cindy Ingold, incoming chair

Guest: Julie Edwards

1.  Committee members and visitors introduced themselves.

2.  Reviewed and approved Midwinter minutes.

3.  There were two additions to the agenda:

a. Response to promotions of the Research Agenda.

4.  Old business

a. Promoting the research agenda to listservs –Jennifer updated us on activities. She sent emails to several listservs and received emails expressing interest.

b. Discuss moving the agenda to a wiki type web page to enable interactivity such as comments for example --The wiki format was approved. ACRL now offers a wiki for ACRL committees to use. Jane will move the agenda to this wiki.

c. New members? We encouraged visitors to join the committee and several people expressed interest. We noted that Cindy Ingold is the in-coming chair of the Committee.

d. Proposal about partnering with Feminist Task Force (FTF), Committee on the Status of Women in Librarianship (COSWL) to assess under representation of women speakers at ALA. Dolores informed us that there is still interest in researching this issue. Send Dolores ideas about this issue and any interest in working on research.

5. New projects & new business

a. A question about offering ACRL level research presentations at ALA conferences has come to the various ALA research committees. We discussed how WSS could accommodate research presentations and brainstormed that WSS could have presentations at our annual membership meeting. The research committee could send out the call for proposals and do the evaluation of proposals. The research committee would develop the selection criteria and have Executive committee approve the criteria. We discussed doing posters during the second half of the Annual membership committee. We proposed developing the criteria between now and Midwinter, sending out a call for proposals after Midwinter and presenting posters at Annual 2008. Jane will take this to executive committee for approval.

b. Response to promotions of the Research Agenda. Feminism and Libraries Course at U-WI Milwaukee taught by Hope Olson. Hope offers this online course and is interested in having the students carry out research from the Research Agenda for Women’s Studies Librarianship. Jennifer’s article about Women’s Studies Information-Seeking was accepted by NWSA Journal (published Summer 2007 This article will be used in Hope’s course. Last, Jennifer informed us that once the agenda is put on collaborative software (wiki software) there may be interest in adding the students’ work from Hope’s course to this.

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