ACRL WSS 2006 Research Committee
Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA - June 25, 2006
Sheraton Napoleon B3

Members present: Jane Nichols, Chair; Jeanne Armstrong; Cindy Ingold

Members absent: Priscilla Atkins, Catherine Colligan, Dolores Fidishun, Kayo Denda

Guest: Jennifer Gilley, Past Chair

1. Committee members introduced themselves. Jennifer Gilley agreed to take minutes.

2. Minutes from the midwinter 2006 meeting in San Antonio were approved.

3. There were two additions to the agenda under New Business:
A. Discuss the need to recruit new members.
B. Discuss the Contemporary Women’s Issues database project being talked about on WSS-L.

4. Announcements and information sharing
A. None

5. Old Business:
A. Conducting a survey of WSS members about their research interests.
We decided to table the survey for now since we have no clear goals on what we would be trying to accomplish.

B. Cosponsoring a program with the Research for College Librarianship Committee of the College Libraries Section of ACRL.
We decided that the 2007 WSS program on the use of new technologies in library instruction would be an appropriate one for them to cosponsor, so it was recommended to the Vice Chair to seek out their cosponsorship for that program rather than coming up with a new one.

6. New Business
A. Ways to implement the research agenda
Now that we have the research agenda completed and posted on our web site, we would like to advertise its existence in order to reach new librarians who are looking for research topics. The overall idea is one of mentoring new researchers, so we decided to put together a web page with guidelines on how to start research. Once this page is in place, we will post an advertisement for the research agenda and our “how to” page on several list-servs: WSS-L, NexgenLib, NMRT, JESSE, other ACRL section research committees, and also on the CFP blogs that are linked from the Research Committee’s CFP page. Jennifer will draft the message, Cindy will look up list-servs for other ACRL section research committees, and Jane will develop guidelines on how to start research.

Timeline: Gather list-serv addresses and content for “how to” page by August 15th. Develop the “how to” page in late summer. Send our advertising email to list-servs in fall.

Other goals: Jane will put together the content for another web page containing links to web-based writing tools such as to help researchers collaborate. Jane will also look into turning the research agenda web page into a wiki that can be updated communally.

B. Recruiting new members
Jane will check on who has already been appointed to be new members of the committee for 2006-2007

C. CWI database project discussed on WSS-L
The Research Committee has no formal responsibility for this project, but we should keep in touch with those people working on it since it addresses points on the research agenda.

Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Gilley

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