ACRL WSS 2005 Research Committee
Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL June 26, 2005
Hilton Chicago - Astoria

Members present: Ellen Broidy, Jennifer Gilley, Laura Micham, Jeanne Armstrong, Mila Su, Dolores Fidishun, Jane Nichols, Sue Searing

Members absent: Kris Gerhard

1. The committee approved the final version of the Research Agenda for Women's Studies Librarianship, and discussed possible outlets for publication. We decided to pursue two strategies, for two different potential audiences: 1) Pursue publication of the agenda in its current form through ACRL, possibly in C&RL News, or by sending the agenda through the Standards & Accreditation committee of ACRL, and 2) Revise the format of the agenda to make it of interest to the larger women's studies community and see if NWSA would be interested in it as either a journal article in the NWSA journal or as a presentation at their conference.

2. Future projects for the committee were discussed and two ideas were generated: 1) Create an electronic bulletin board or weblog as a central space for advertising calls for papers and conference announcements that would allow multi-user input, and 2) Conduct a survey of section members on what research questions they are interested in, what motivates them to do research, and what support they need as researchers. This information could be used to determine future goals of the committee.

3. The committee also came up with an idea for a program that will be submitted to the incoming Vice-Chair. We suggest a program dealing with the collecting and archiving of materials outside the mainstream, such as e-zines, blogs, web sites, and books and magazines of a popular nature, all of which are the key means of communication for young feminists.

Respectfully submitted,
Jennifer Gilley
Chair, Research Committee

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