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Note: Official committee rosters are maintained by ALA (login required for full contact information).

  • The Awards Committee solicits nominees, selects the winners, and oversees the presentation of the Award for Career Achievement in Women and Gender Studies Librarianship and the Award for Significant Achievement in Women and Gender Studies Librarianship.

  • The Collections Committee monitors the ongoing and emerging issues related to collections for gender and women’s studies.  The Committee will identify and evaluate relevant resources in all formats, including but not limited to the coverage of women and gender issues in reference tools, databases, online historical collections, and other research resources.  The Committee recommends and implements projects and informs the section of developments in this area.

  • The Instruction Committee works to enhance the ability of academic and research librarians to serve effectively students, faculty, and other users researching women and gender studies and related disciplines.

  • The Membership Committee welcomes new WGSS members; recruits prospective members to the section; encourages section members to participate in activities; periodically polls former members about WGSS; serves as a link between the ALA/ACRL Membership committee and the section; hosts the WGSS social hour at Midwinter and Annual Conferences; communicates with other groups, both inside and outside of ALA; and furthers the goals of WGSS.

  • The Nominating Committee solicits members to run for section positions.

  • The Program Planning Committee plans, implements, and evaluates Women & Gender Studies Section programs for the annual conference and coordinates Section participation in coalition programming.

  • The Publications Committee coordinates publication activities of the Section and its committees and advises the Section Executive Committee on publications projects; stimulates and encourages projects, which may lead to publication under WGSS auspices; publishes the section brochure, and oversees the publication of the newsletter; develops publications related to the section; develops and maintains standards and guidelines for WGSS publications; and serves as liaison and represents Section viewpoints on publications projects with ACRL and ALA.
  • The Research Committee identifies needed research, encourages collaboration in research; facilitates the acquisition of skills related to research and publishing; and promotes an awareness of existing and ongoing research related or applicable to women and gender tudies librarianship and resources.



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