International Responsibilities Task Force
of the American Library Association's
Social Responsibilities Round Table

SRRT Resolutions on International Issues

Resolution Against the Use of Torture as a Violation of Our Basic Values as Librarians (2004)

Resolution Calling for the End of Travel Restrictions to Cuba (2004)

Resolution on the Occupation of Iraq (2004)

Resolution Against the Use of Racist Training Materials by the U.S. Military (2004)

Resolution on the Iraq Crisis (2003)

Statement of Condolences (2002)

Resolution on the Destruction of Palestinian Libraries, Archives, and Other Cultural Resources (2002)

Libraries in a Time of War & Emergency (2002)

Resolution Against the War in Afghanistan (2002)

Resolution on Collection Development and Library Programming in Times of Conflict (2002)

Resolution on Intellectual Freedom & the Use of Torture in War or Peace (2002)

Resolution Against Secret Tribunals (2002)

Resolution on the Protection of Privacy Rights (2002)

Statement of Concern on the Use of Flags in Libraries' Public Areas (2002)

Resolution on the Draft ALA International Relations Agenda and Response to the Draft (2000)

Resolución sobre las bibliotecas cubanas / Resolution on Cuban Libraries (2000)

Resolution on World Trade Organization Policies Affecting Libraries (2000)

Resolution on the Militarization of ALA and General Powell's Keynote Speech (1999)

Resolution Calling for a New Policy Towards Iraq (1999)

Open Letter on IRRT Reception at the World Bank (1998)

Resolution on the Multilateral Agreement on Investments (MAI) (1998)

Resolution on the Libraries of the Gaza Strip/ West Bank (1998)

Resolution on Pastors for Peace Bookmobile Caravan to Cuba (1998)

Resolution on Code on Conduct for Businesses Operating in South Africa (1994)

Resolution on the IFLA Conference in Havana, Cuba (1993)

Resolution on Haiti (1993)

Resolution on Israeli Censorship (1993)

Resolution on Egyptian Censorship (1993)

Resolution on New Statesman and Society Defense (1993)

Resolution on Israeli Censorship (1992)

Resolution on the Deportation of Bir Zeit University Librarian Omar Al-Safi (1992)

Resolution on the Persian Gulf (1991)

Resolution on the Guidelines for Librarians Interacting with South Africa (1990)


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